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Latest information: re-opening of school

Parent letter regarding school re-opening on 8th March 2021

Parent letter with further details for school re-opening on 8th March 2021

Parent letter regarding LFD Testing for Primary Schools

Daily Procedures and Key Information COVID-19 Return to School 8th March 2021

Addendum 4: Arrangements for Child Protection and Safeguarding During COVID-19 School Reopening


Risk Assessment

Please find our coronavirus (COVID-19) risk assessment for the return to school for all pupils below:

⇒ ⊕ Coronavirus Risk Assessment: updated March 2021


Previous information: school closure period for January and February 2021

As part of the ongoing coronavirus situation, the Department for Education (DfE) has directed all primary schools in England to remain closed following the Christmas holiday. Children are to stay at home* and participate in remote education. The DfE has directed schools to be closed until further notice.

*The school will be closed to all pupils except those pupils whose parents work is critical to the COVID-19 response.

Please read the following parent letters to see our response to this recent news:

Parent letter regarding school closure January 2021

Parent letter regarding reduced provision arrangements January 2021

Parent letter regarding the delivery of remote education in January 2021

Parent letter regarding update to school closure (5th January 2021)

Parent letter regarding the closure of our Nursery class (11th January 2021)


Remote Education Policy

Remote Education Policy (incorporating Microsoft Teams User Agreement and Code of Conduct)



The safety and wellbeing of our children and families during this challenging time remains our key priority. If there is anything you would like to discuss please get in contact with our current Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Kerry Dunford.

You can send her an e-mail using:


We have also made important amendments to our safeguarding arrangements for any school closure and these can be found below:

Addendum 3: Arrangements for Child Protection and Safeguarding During COVID-19 School Closures



Are you a child feeling worried or not feeling safe?

While you are at home we want you to feel safe and happy.

Click here to let us know you need help


If you would like paper copies of any information, policy or document found on our website please contact the school office and a member of staff will be happy to arrange this for you free of charge.


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