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Resources used by pupils in school are carefully chosen by the teacher and determined by curriculum policies.  Use of the Internet, by its nature, will provide access to information which has not been selected by the teacher.  Whilst pupils will often be directed to sites which provide reviewed and evaluated sources, at times, they will be able to move beyond these, to sites unfamiliar to the teacher.

Using the Internet for Education

The Internet is becoming an essential tool for learning, for recreation and for undertaking day-to-day personal business.

For schools, the benefits include access to the following:

  • a range of specialist educational sites
  • libraries, art galleries and museums from around the world
  • rapid and cost effective world-wide communication
  • gaining an understanding of people and cultures across the globe
  • personalising learning, capitalising on pupils interests and aptitudes
  • increased skills in literacy, particularly in being able to read and appraise critically and then communicate what is important to others
  • social and leisure use
  • staff professional development through access to new curriculum materials, experts knowledge and practice
  • exchange of curriculum and administration data with LA/DCSF

At St. Marys’ we recognise the importance of teaching pupils how to use this facility to prepare them for using it effectively in their personal lives and future careers.

We will teach children how to make use of the resources available via the World Wide Web both for study and for recreation.

We will support children in developing the appropriate knowledge and understanding that will enable them to use these resources safely and effectively, including

  • the ability to analyse and evaluate the resources they find;
  • awareness of potential risks and how to keep themselves safe.

Pupil access to the Internet

At St. Marys’ we use a filtered Internet service, which minimises the chances of pupils encountering undesirable materials.  By undesirable, we mean materials which may be illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, obscene or offensive.

Children are normally only allowed to use the Internet when there is a member of staff stationed in the room to supervise.  Members of staff are aware of the potential for misuse, and are responsible for reminding pupils of the expectations we have of them.  Teachers are able to access children Internet files and will check these on a regular basis to ensure expectations of behaviour are being met.

Expectations of pupils using the Internet

At St. Mary’s we expect all pupils to be responsible for their own behaviour on the Internet, just as they are anywhere else in school.  This includes materials they choose to access, and language they use.  Children using the school computing facilities will be expected to comply with the following rules and sign a contract indicating their agreement.

  • I will always ask permission from an adult before I access the Internet
  • I will only use the Internet or email in school when I am being supervised by an adult
  • I will only access websites that I have been given permission to access.  If I am unsure, I will ask specific permission
  • If I access material that I think is inappropriate, I will tell an adult immediately
  • I will not email or display words or pictures that are rude or will upset other people
  • I will look after our equipment.  I will not do anything that might damage the computers or the information stored on them
  • I will not copy or download anything that belongs to someone else without their permission
  • I will respect other peoples work and not use other peoples passwords or interfere with their work or files
  • I will ask permission if I want to print anything.  I will not waste paper and ink by printing unnecessary items
  • I will never download program files to the computer from the Internet, because this can ruin our computers
  • I will never give out any information (such as phone numbers and addresses) about me or anyone else
  • I will never send or put on the Internet photographs of me or anyone else
  • I will never make arrangements to meet anyone

My teacher has explained all the rules to me and I understand what they mean.

I will follow these rules at all times.

I know that if I do not follow these rules I might not be allowed to use the Internet or computers any more.

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