Remote Education

Away from the classroom?

Remote education (also known as remote learning or distance learning) is the education of students who are not physically present at school and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting.

The recent coronavirus pandemic of 2020 saw the closure of all schools across the country with many schools implementing for the first time a programme of remote education for their students. At St. Mary’s we were proud of our remote education offering and throughout the school closure period our dedicated class teachers sent home a PDF document of weekday learning tasks to parent/carers via the school’s PACT email system.


Moving Forward with Remote Education

In the event of further school closures St. Mary’s is keen to enhance our provision of remote education, particularly with regards to student engagement and focused learning. We believe this will be achieved by including an online classroom experience and we will do this using a digital learning platform.

We have partnered with Office 365 Education from Microsoft to provide our digital learning platform and our children at St. Mary’s will begin to conduct most of their remote education activities through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams will become your child’s digital hub! It brings classroom conversations, content, resources and apps together in one place. More information about how St. Mary’s will use this platform will be given shortly. Please check back soon.


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