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Spring Term





Putney & Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics

On Wednesday 13th January, pupils were at Latchmere Leisure Centre competing in the Putney Sportshall Athletics Competition. A strong team performance across all disciplines meant the boys placed first and the girls second. Overall St Mary’s came second out of the seven schools competing, meaning they progressed to the Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics Final, with Holy Ghost. Like last year this final was held at Ernest Bevin Sports College. With increased space all teams were competing at the same time, so you really got a good perspective of how things were going. There was no hiding place, again some of the best athletes in Wandsworth were competing and St Mary’s found the going tough. Despite heavy eyes, many children were at Young Voices until late the night before, all competitors fought hard and there were some notable successes: Thomas C and Tomos H teamed up to win the 1 by 1 lap race before Hal and Alex managed to repeat this result in the 2 by 2 lap race. Jaydon won the vertical jump while Thomas C and Rory came first in their javelin events. A team of Tobias, Thomas C, Tomos H and Rory then managed to win the boys obstacle race. Sportshall Athletics requires so many different physical qualities and it is clear that competing schools have worked hard to develop at this event over time. Hopefully St Mary’s can use these experiences and future athletics lessons to improve further.


Kate , Katie C, Tomos , Alice, Maeve , Jeremy , Thomas , Rory, Alicia,  Ellyse , Abbie , Grace , Jasmine , Lucy , Hal, Yves-Alain, Charles H, Tobias , Alex , Jaydon , Kevin.


Chelsea Boys Football Tournament

On Friday 22nd January, a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils went to a football tournament held at Southfields Academy. The weather was cold, wet and windy but spirits were high as we got off to a great start beating Fulham Primary School 3-0 and then Earlswood 5-0. Charlie, Hal and Yves-Alain all contributed scoring a couple of goals each. The third match was a lot tougher as we managed to squeeze a 1-0 victory against Trinty St Marys. A match against Parsons Green Prep who had won all their games followed this. It didn’t start well as St Mary’s went a goal down but then we managed to equalise on the break. Hal sent the ball down the line to Thomas who went past a player and dribbled it into the box, passing to Charlie who was waiting by the goal to finish perfectly. St Mary’s were then in control and quickly scored a second before having a number of other chances. With just minutes to go Parsons Green had a corner which landed just under the cross bar and rebounded. Unfortunately the Parsons Green striker was waiting to this snap up and the score finished 2-2. The next match against Chesterton finished 1-1. This was crucial for us because the draw meant we dropped to second in the group, even though we had a far superior goal difference. Despite winning our last game against St Barnabus Pimlico, an emphatic 9-0, we didn’t progress as only the group winners went forwards to the semi finals. Nevertheless we had a fantastic day and can’t wait to play again!


Jaydon, Hal, Tobias, Yves-Alain, Thomas, Charlie, Rufus and Jeremy.


By Thomas







  • On Tuesday 9th June pupils attended the PPSSA District Sports at Dover House Road. The javelin, long jump and high jump events for Year 5 and 6 pupils were first up. St Mary’s put in a strong performance here with Algie Holdsworth-Hunt winning the Year 5 Boys Javelin and Hal Kennedy winning the Year 5 Boys High Jump. This was followed by St Mary’s pupils gaining a top three placing in four further field events. Once the school day finished pupils were joined by the rest of the team for the track events. This included individual races for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. After this there were relays for Year 5 and 6. With two heats just to reach a final, all the races were keenly contested. Again consistency was the order of the day as St Mary’s gained a top three finish in seven of the twelve finals run. The team of Georgie Forbes, India Wainman, Clemmie Boyd and Lottie Barnes were impressive in winning the Girls 4×100 Metre Relay. With boys and girls results collated separately, St Mary’s claimed the boy’s trophy and finished third in the girl’s competition. A very satisfying result! As is so often the case we would like to say a big thank you to the parents who provided lifts throughout the day. With so many pupils coming a going at different times this helped to ease the logistical nightmare. We are also grateful to Miss Livingstone and Miss Brady who volunteered their free time to officiate and supervise children.
  • Putney & Wandsworth Mixed Basketball

    On Thursday 21st May, St Mary’s entered three teams into the Putney Mixed Basketball Competition. This enabled a number of pupils, who have been attending the breakfast basketball club, to put their skills into practice. Our Year 4/5 team failed the progress from the group stage but benefitted from the experience. With Year 6 winning their group and our Year 5/6 team finishing second, one quarter final was an all St Mary’s affair. Unfortunately this meant one team had to depart. Year 5/6 sprung into an early lead before Year 6 burst into action, scoring three quick baskets, winning 6-2. The Year 6 team then recorded victories against Hotham in the semi-final and Our Lady of Victory in the final to win the competition.

    On Wednesday 3rd June the basketball squad Coach Andy, Mr Ellis and Mrs Bishop set off, on the bus, to Southfields Academy for the Wandsworth Basketball Finals. Competing were the winners of each regional competition within Wandsworth. Following a ten minute warm up and a quick briefing we were sprinting into our first game. After a period of extra time, played because we were level,we won a titanic tussle against Highview . Following a short break we had our second game against Penwortham (the overall winners). We were narrowly beaten and then lost a very physical game against St George’s. Unfortunately this meant we were into the third place playoff against Highview. To our disappointment we could not repeat our earlier victory losing by five points and finishing fourth in Wandsworth. We still had a really fun day and would like to thank all the adults for taking, coaching and supporting us.

    Report by Matty in Year 6



    “Basketball has been amazing this term. We have been to two tournaments one at Hotham and the other at Southfields Academy. Thanks to our amazing coach Andy we have all been inspired to carry on playing basketball in the future!” (Jake Farrow – Year 6)




    Year 4: Alice Burfitt, Elena Roberts, Rory Forbes and Thomas Chittenden.


    Year 5: Tobias Davey, Adam Coates and Jasmine Cole.


    Year 6: Georgie Forbes, Clemmie Boyd, Charis Hunter, Isabella Thwaites, Jake Farrow, Jacob Lovell, Matty Hebblethwaite, Luke Hallawell and Alex Forbes.

       Putney & Wandsworth Swimming Gala

  • On the evening of Saturday 19th May St Mary’s were participating in the Putney Swimming Gala at Putney Leisure Centre. The atmosphere was electric, from start to finish, as friends and family from the competing schools cheered with all their might. Miss Payne, Miss Livingstone and Miss Barrett had also kindly come to cheer us on! There was exhilaration with a number of close races and some wonderful comebacks. Second seemed to be our favourite number and despite agonising disqualification in the relay we were ultimately runners up behind All Saints. This ensured St Mary’s would go on to represent Putney against winning schools from Battersea and Tooting in the Wandsworth Swimming Gala.

    It felt like déjà view on Saturday 6th June as we were back at Putney Leisure Centre again for the Wandsworth Swimming Gala. The opposition was seriously tough although Charis did her best to keep everyone energised with her endless supply of sweets. St Mary’s finished fifth from six but this didn’t stop the pupils enjoying the evening. As teachers it was really nice to watch our swimmers in action and appreciate the talent on display, nurtured through a great deal of time and dedication. Notably Charis Hunter, India Wainman, Sienna Sonnachan and Georgie Forbes won the Year Girls Medley Relay. Georgie Forbes also won the Year 6 Girls Freestyle. We would like to thank all the parents who volunteered their time to help with the swimming trial back in February and more recently our training session. A big thank you also those families who delayed or postponed their camping trip to attend!





    “The Swimming Gala was so enjoyable.” (Maeve Kennedy – Year 4)


    “The Swimming Gala was amazing; all the schools were screaming and shouting for their team.” (Alice Burfitt – Year 4)


    “This is my best memory of Year 4!” (Rory Forbes – Year 4)




    Year 4: Alice Burfitt, Maeve Kennedy, Rory Fobes, Alfie Boyd and Jeremy Parsons.


    Year 5: Abbie White, Grace Farrell, Charles Hume, Hal Kennedy, Algie Holdsworth-Hunt, Alex Clarke and Jack Jeynes.


    Year 6: Georgie Forbes, India Wainman, Charis Hunter, Sienna Sonnachan, Clemmie Boyd, Caspar Parsons, Alex Forbes and Jacob Lovell.


Wandsworth Key Steps Gymnastics

On Friday 1st May a group of Year 3 and 4 pupils attended the Wandsworth Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Southfields Academy. As we all sat on the bus the mood was one of nervous excitement. For some this was the first time they had represented the school! Walking into the hall the task became more apparent, over twenty schools in attendance, a number of children in team leotards and performing highly refined routines. This tournament was about rewarding and extending our pupils who had worked hard in the gymnastics unit recently taught. The progress made was outstanding with all thriving in the competitive atmosphere. The team excelled in remembering and performing skills and routines, learnt only weeks before, to a much improved standard.


“It was a bit freaky at first but once I started it got better. When I did the backward roll it was the best one I have ever done” (Amber Mackenson – Year 3)


“I loved it because it was my first ever gymnastics competition. I can do a cartwheel now!” (Tommy Burfitt – Year 3)


“I love doing gymnastics. It was a little bit scary but Mr Ellis taught me how to do a backward roll and now I’ve got it really well.” (Lily Cole – Year 3)


“I absolutely loved it as gymnastics is my favourite sport.” (Nicholas Hauptfleisch – Year 3)


“I liked being able to take part in a sport I don’t normally compete in.” (James Herrington – Year 3)



Year 3: Lily Cole, Amber Mackenson, Nicholas Hauptfleisch, Tommy Burfitt and James Herrington.


Year 4: Alice Burfitt, Maeve Kennedy, Farah Osinibi, Thomas Chittenden and Rory Forbes.


Netball Shooting Competition

Mrs Barron took five very excited children to the ‘Netball Shooting Competition’ at Hotham School on Thursday 19th March.  There were 8 local schools taking part, with a mixture of boys and girls in Year 5 and Year 6.  The team did extremely well scoring a massive 26 goals!  This was enough to beat 6 of the other schools and only 2 away from the winning school, Hotham.  Mrs Barron was very proud of all five children and their commitment on such a chilly evening.  Well done to Luke, Thea, Kevin, Sofia and Isabella.


Shooting Comp 2015 2



Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics

On Wednesday 21st January, St Mary’s pupils attended the Putney Sportshall Athletics event at Latchmere Leisure Centre. Finishing positions, in track and field events, earned points that contributed to each schools overall placing. With St Mary’s winning a high proportion of the events, girls and boys titles were claimed. This ensured St Mary’s would go on, with Granard, to represent Putney against winning schools from Battersea and Tooting in the Sportshall Athletics Finals.

Held at Ernest Bevin Sports College on Tuesday the 3rd February, the Sportshall Finals were an enjoyable but challenging affair. The standard of competition was extremely high with pupils attaining times and distances that would match the best in the region. St Mary’s competed hard but ultimately finished fifth from six. I was particularly proud of the children who cheered all day long, retained excellent sportsmanship and fought for every position however tough the opposition. Notably Georgie Forbes won the girls 1 lap race. Georgie Forbes and Sienna Sonnachan then teamed up to win the girls 1×2 lap race, while Jacob Lovell won the boys chest push. Again we would like to thank the parents who kindly provided transport to both events. Without your help it wouldn’t have been possible to attend.

Girls Team March 2015


Girls football report……………..

Go girls!!! As the girls of St Mary`s set out for Dover House Road, Mr Walker was thinking of some serious tactics. We were all extremely excited. Our first match was against Brandlehow. We went 1-0 down but India drew us the match with an amazing chip over the goalie’s head and straight into the back of the net. GOAALL!!! YAHOO!!!

The second match was against OLV. We played very well but unfortunately they snuck a goal in. OHH!!! Just as the second half began to run out Clemmie scored a great solo goal to earn a well-deserved draw YAY!!! GET IN THERE!!!

Our final match was against St Joseph’s. Mr Walker had given all his top tips and we were ready to go. In the end it was 3- 0 to St Mary`s, with Nina, Saskia and Clemmie all scoring. WAHOO!!! YEAH!!!

All of the girls played brilliantly, all trying their hardest. Lottie, Isabella, Clemmie, Pola, Nina, Saskia, India, Louise and Charis.

Thanks to:

  • Mr Walker, our great and powerful manager
  • Mrs Hunter for the snacks
  • All the parents for their support

Netball photo - tournament 2015



St Marys Netball Report

On Wednesday the 25th February, the St Marys netball team were pumped and ready to go with a quick substitution from Alex to Tobias we had the full 7 people on the team

With a 45 minute bus ride we were there and racing into the first game we were off to a great start..

With 3 wins and 2 draws out of our 5 heats we were through to the quarter finals! We were all very nervous about this match because it meant we would have a shot at going to the finals and winning the competition. Luckily we came off the pitch with wide smiles as it was an amazing 2-1, we were through to the semi’s!

We then won the next game 1-0 meaning we were astonishingly through to the finals!!!!!

We walked on and got ready for a tough game. Within 3 minutes we had scored and celebrated wildly. Then the opposition took us by surprise scoring an amazing goal from afar. It was neck and neck and the other team just managed to squeeze in a golden goal in the last play making them win just by one!

Overall we had an amazing time and did much better than expected. We’d like to thank Mr Ellis and Mrs Barron for taking us and supporting us all the way. Thank you alsoto:

Matty, Alex, Clemmie, India, Lottie, Tobias and Jasmine for getting us to the final.


Putney Mini Swimming Gala

On Monday 2nd March, key stage two pupils attended the Putney Mini Swimming Gala. This was a fun but exhausting day with pupils competing in three different events, all at the same time, using different areas of the pool. This included confident, less confident swimmer categories and water polo! Year 3 and 4 were first up in the morning, followed by Year 5 and 6 in the afternoon. For some children this was their first experience of a gala, while for others it was an opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve personal success in friendly competition. I would like to thank those parents who helped at pool side with both timing and the supervision of children.



Year 3: Ella Moody, Rosalind Hume, Kate Brearly, Caitlin Menzies-Gow, Victoria, Sebbie Stewart, Tommy Burfitt, Noah Holdsworth-Hunt, Josh Drummond and George Barnes.


Year 4: India Jubb, Libbie Turnbull, Taygen Dodson, Thomas Chittenden, Rufus Wainman, Thomas Holmes and Freddie Allingham.


Year 5: Millie Playford, Biba Marks, Alex Clarke and Jack Jeynes.


Year 6: Jessica Burn, Isabella Thwaites, Saskia Cottom-Clark and Elias Giliberti.





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