Mission, Ethos and Values


Delivering excellence, allowing all to flourish.



Creating a culture of wonder, guided by Christian faith.


Core Values

Endurance • Compassion • Thankfulness



St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School is a welcoming school that inspires learning and achieves academic success. We believe education is about teaching the skills needed to acquire knowledge and understanding while instilling the ability to learn independently. We offer a rich and varied curriculum designed to meet the needs of every child.


Our dedicated staff work hard with all children, irrespective of their starting points. We expect the highest standards of professionalism from staff, investing in training and development to ensure that all have the necessary skills, enabling challenges to be surmounted and learning extended. They treat all children with respect, working towards excellence in all areas of school life.


We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education and the life of the school. A strong Christian ethos, based on mutual respect and acceptance, enables all families regardless of faith, to thrive within our community.



The curriculum celebrates individuality and encourages children to develop the lifelong skills of:


Enquiry           Adaptability               Resilience      Thoughtfulness

Morality         Cooperation               Respect           Communication


Children leave St Mary’s confident and caring, articulate and hardworking, ready for the next stage of their education.

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Endurance • Compassion • Thankfulness