Design and Technology (DT)


At St Mary’s the Design and Technology (DT) curriculum makes a valuable contribution to an excellent, broad and balanced curriculum which allows all pupils to flourish. All children will have the opportunity to undertake a range of challenging, motivating, relevant and enjoyable DT activities throughout their time at St. Mary’s.


Our aims are:

  • To prepare pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies.
  • To provide opportunities for all the children to design and make quality products.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to explore food and cooking techniques along with healthy eating and environmental issues within food production.
  • To develop design and making skills, knowledge and understanding to the best of each child’s ability; using and selecting a range of tool, materials and components.
  • To become creative problem solvers as individuals and members of a team.
  • To be able to use computing in conjunction with the designing and making process.
  • To develop an ability to criticise constructively and evaluate their own products and those of others.
  • To help the children develop an understanding of the ways people in the past and present have used design to meet their needs. To reflect on and evaluate such techniques, its uses and effects.
  • To prepare the children for living in a multi-cultural society by teaching consideration for other culture which will be both important and beneficial.


We give children confidence in their work by providing continual support and encouragement. The children are extended in their work in a way which develops their expertise. The children are provided with the very best resources possible, while constantly reviewing this provision in the light of curriculum changes and development.


DT Curriculum Intent

Take a look at how we sequence the DT curriculum in our school:

DT Curriculum Intent


Curriculum and school organization

DT at St Mary’s is taught through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC ) in topics, using the objectives in the National Curriculum. The IPC topic based approach creates opportunities for learning in an exciting and meaningful way, allowing children to make links between subjects, through many cross curricular opportunities.

In addition we hold one DT Day per year for all classes in the school.


Safety in Design and Technology

The safety of the children is the responsibility of the class teacher. The children are taught the safe use and correct procedure involved when using tools and equipment in a learning environment. The children are made aware of the need to be careful and to understand that their actions can affect others.

The children build up a range of skills when using equipment to reduce unnecessary risk. All staff, including helpers, are made aware of food safety procedures when working with food to minimise any risks. The children wear protective clothing if/when necessary.


Further information

GOV.UK provides documents from the Department for Education relating to the National Curriculum’s statutory programmes of study for Design and Technology. Please click the link below to explore:

⇒ GOV.UK National Curriculum: Design and Technology


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