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St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School offers support to our Year 6 children when the time comes for them to make decisions about their future. We also offer advice and guidance to parents in helping out with the process of their child’s transfer to secondary school, for example, every July our prospective Year 6 parents are invited to attend a meeting about secondary school application and transfer.


Transfer for September 2022

If your child is currently in Year 6 and will be due to transfer to secondary school in September 2022 please visit the following website for important information, including how to apply and when to attend an open day:


Applications for transfer open from 1st September 2021.

Please note: all application forms for secondary transfer must be received by 31st October 2021. This includes both online and postal applications.


To apply online please go the following website:



National Offer Day

If you apply online you will be emailed the outcome of your application on the evening of 1st March 2022.  If you apply on a paper form you will be sent an outcome letter by first class mail on 1st March 2022.


You will also be sent a notification letter if it has not been possible to offer your first preference school. The notification letter will provide detailed information about the outcome of your application and what do next.


Independent schools

Independent schools are not funded by Wandsworth Council and therefore each independent school will have their own separate admission process. There are a variety of Independent Schools in Wandsworth or within easy reach of the borough. Some independent schools offer the possibility of financial assistance in the form of bursaries or scholarships. Please contact the independent school you are interested in directly to find out their admission and transfer process.


Previous transfers

Children from St. Mary’s transfer to a whole range of different secondary schools – some state funded and some independent.

In September 2021 our Year 6 pupils transferred to the following schools:

The Fulham Boys School 3 Pupils
Lady Margaret C of E School 4 Pupils
St Cecilia’s C of E School 5 Pupils
Epsom College 2 Pupils
Fulham Cross 1 Pupil
Harrodian School 1 Pupil
Radnor House 1 Pupil
Richmond Park Academy 1 Pupil
Tiffin Boys School 1 Pupil
Burntwood 1 Pupil
Kew House 1 Pupil
Whitgift 1 Pupil
Daechon Elementary School Korea 1 Pupil
Cranbrook Sydney Australia 1 Pupil
Goldolphin and Latymer 1 Pupil
Garrett Park School 1 Pupil
Surbiton High School 2 Pupils


In September 2020 our Year 6 pupils transferred to the following schools:

The Fulham Boys School 3 Pupils
Lady Margaret C of E School 3 Pupils
Goldolphin and Latymer 3 Pupils
Kew House 1 Pupil
Putney High School 2 Pupils
St Paul’s School 1 Pupil
Ashcroft Technology Academy 3 Pupils
Whitgift School 3 Pupils
Lady Eleanor Holles 2 Pupils
Surbiton High School 1 Pupil
Ibstock Place 2 Pupils
Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School 1 Pupil
Wimbledon High School 1 Pupil
Scandinavian School of Spain Madrid 1 Pupil
St Cecilia’s C of E School 1 Pupil


In September 2019 our Year 6 pupils transferred to the following schools:

The Fulham Boys School 1 Pupil
St Cecilia’s C of E School 1 Pupil
Lady Margaret C of E School 6 Pupils
Christ’s School 1 Pupil
Wimbledon Park 1 Pupil
Fulham Cross Girls’ School 1 Pupil
St. Paul’s School 1 Pupil
Hampton School 2 Pupils
Whitgift School 1 Pupil
Coombe Girls School 1 Pupil
Surbiton High School 3 Pupils
Southfields Academy 1 Pupil
St Paul’s Girl School 1 Pupil
Ark Putney Academy 1 Pupil
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School 1 Pupil
Warwick School 1 Pupil
Wymondham College 1 Pupil
Fulham Prep 2 Pupils
Tower House 1 Pupil
St John Bosco College 1 Pupil
Grey Coat Hospital School 1 Pupil


If you would like paper copies of any information, policy or document found on our website please contact the school office and a member of staff will be happy to arrange this for you free of charge.


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