School Council

Pupil voice

St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School has a well-established pupil voice committee through its School Council. Members of our School Council are made up of 1 boy representative and 1 girl representative from each class involved.


School Council members talk with their class about specific issues concerning school life, fundraising, school activities, links with the wider community and opinions about the playground, catering service and resources available.


Children in our school are also given time to approach their class representatives to discuss any general or individual issues they want to raise.


Our School Council meet regularly – about once a month – to feedback suggestions and opinions raised in class and to establish what action will be taken.


School Council Membership

A class vote takes place at the start of each academic year so that the children select their own School Council members – typically 2 children per class across KS1 and KS2. Previous members are exempt from the vote to allow other children the opportunity to participate (except in Year 6 where previous members can be given specific roles of responsibility such as chairperson or treasurer).


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