Playground Pals

A friendly face

St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School provides a ‘Playground Pals’ service to all of our children during their play and break on the school playground. Our Year 6 children share the responsibility of being a Playground Pal – someone who is a friendly face to the other children in our school.


Playground Pals are on the playground and can be approached by any child who needs help if they are feeling sad, lonely, worried or need a peer to talk to. Our Playground Pals will do their best to listen to the child, help them with any issues and if necessary contact a member of staff for assistance. Likewise as our Playground Pals go about the playground they will check that everyone is playing nicely together, showing respect and enjoying their free time.


Playground Pals are clearly identified by wearing their red pin badge on their school uniform and wearing their fluorescent visibility caps when outdoors on the playground.


Any child who feels upset or concerned because of a bullying incident are encouraged to talk to a Playground Pal who will then report the incident to one of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors or a member of staff.


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