Instrumental Lessons

Learning to play

St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School is committed to raising achievement through music by offering children in our school opportunities to play an instrument.


Making music is a great way for young people to be creative; it requires them to think quickly and express themselves.  Playing a musical instrument also teaches children to manage information, think about and solve problems, as well as being able to work collaboratively with others.


We currently have a programme of whole class ensemble instrumental lessons (known as Wider Opportunities) provided by Wandsworth Schools’ Music Service. This service also offers provision of peripatetic tutors for individual instrumental lessons that can be arranged for children through the school day.


Whole class ensembles (Wider Opportunities)

Sessions run over 30 weeks in a year and currently take place every Wednesday:

  • Year 3 – Recorder (30 minutes)

Year  3 children must supply their own recorder. We kindly request parents make a payment of £20 per term (10 sessions) for these lessons.

  • Year 4 – Flute (60 minutes)

Year 4 children are supplied with flutes on loan from the Wandsworth Schools’ Music Service – parents must sign the loan hire forms to agree to the terms and conditions of the service. We kindly request parents make a payment of £25 per term (10 sessions) for these lessons.


Peripatetic tutors

Sessions are arranged in liaison with the tutor, parents and the school – please contact the school office for availability and prices.

The current timetable is as follows:

  • Wednesday: piano lessons
  • Thursday: piano lessons
  • Friday: violin lessons, flute, clarinet, cello, saxophone and recorder lessons

Please note that half a term’s notice is required to cancel lessons.


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