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Beyond the classroom

St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School is committed to offering children extra-curricular experiences beyond the classroom. The school is pleased to offer children a wide range of school clubs and extra-curricular activities. We attempt to provide a range of sporting, creative and academic clubs to suit all tastes and abilities.


The majority of our school clubs take place after school but some take place in the morning before the school day starts and other clubs take place at lunchtime.


School clubs often have limited capacity and therefore we run a termly ballot system for all our extra-curricular clubs and all children are encouraged to apply.


Schedules and details for school clubs are released at the start of each term. Children and their parents must complete the relevant application slips and return them to the school to be placed in the ballot. A letter will be sent home with the child to confirm whether they have been successful.


Each school club and extra-curricular activity differ in terms of their cost and their start and finish times may vary – please ensure you have read the details for each school club carefully.


What’s on

The following school clubs and extra-curricular activities are available:

  • Football (Kick)
  • Athletics (Kick)
  • Cricket/Rounders (Kick)
  • KS2 Choir Ms Fenner
  • Drawing Mrs Adams
  • Netball
  • Tennis (All Star Tennis)
  • Basketball Andy Stocks
  • Little Voices
  • M-Tech
  • Bookclub Mrs Bishop
  • Code club
  • Sewing Club
  • Guitar


Please click the link below for the school clubs schedule for this term:

Summer 2024 Schedule

For club dates please click the link below – to note that MTech Club Dates will be sent directly to parent/s from MTech

Club Dates Summer Term 2024


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