History is taught at St Mary’s through a topic based approach. Throughout their time, children will have the opportunity to explore life and how people lived in the past through a range of stimulating and exciting topics. Children learn to value their own and other people’s cultures by exploring how people lived in the past and using this knowledge to inform their own life choices.


Our aims are:

  • To develop a sense of time, placing events, people and changes within a chronological framework, using appropriate terms.
  • To gain knowledge of the characteristics of people living in particular periods, including their attitudes and beliefs and their social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity.
  • To describe and analyse reasons for and results of events, situations and changes studied, making links across and between periods.
  • To identify different ways in which the past is represented.
  • To develop analytical abilities by asking children to examine, compare and interpret different sources of information.
  • To learn how to ask and answer historical questions.
  • To develop communicative abilities as children select and organise historical information and communicate this knowledge in a variety of ways with appropriate vocabulary.
  • To think about how the past can impact the future.


History Curriculum Intent

Take a look at how we sequence the history curriculum in our school:

History Curriculum Intent


Further information

GOV.UK provides documents from the Department for Education relating to the National Curriculum’s statutory programmes of study for History. Please click the link below to explore:

⇒ GOV.UK National Curriculum: History


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