Spring Term 2016


Last term all the children explored art through a range of printmaking techniques.
Nursery children focused on animal marking, learning to distinguish animals that have spots from those with stripes. Throughout the term they observed photographs, read The Leopard’s Drum and responded by drawing their own animals with printed stripe and spots.
Reception children followed the story of Apple Bear Orange Pear to learn about the colours, rhymes and textures of fruits.
Each child made direct prints using cut fruits and inks. They learned about colour mixing, composition and sequencing.
Year 1 researched popular printmaking starting with 2 colour hand prints to understand position and overlays and moved on to symmetrical mono prints of Monarch Butterflies.
Year 2 explored the concepts of warm and cool colours to create a background of fire and water for their beautiful block prints drawings of the tudor houses burning along the river Thames in 1666.
Year 3 extended their topic on sweets and chocolates by making posters to entice those with a sweet tooth, using relief prints and collage techniques.
Year 4 combined their topic on electricity with the striking work of MIchael Craig Martin
Year 5 made their own mars mission scraperboards and year 6 made some stunning blockprints based on how children would have felt during WW2.



Art Exhibition Up in the Air

This summer on Saturday 16th May we held our very special annual Art Exhibition with the theme Up in the Air. Every child in the school had their artwork professionally displayed in the school Hall, which was open to the public. Children put all their creative efforts into these canvasses, which were carefully produced in their art lessons. We had a wide range of imaginative and observational artwork produced around the theme which covered everything from kites to mythical creatures.  It must have been a very difficult decision to choose the winners as the standard was incredibly high.  The children received their prizes in the assembly, Scarlett Lily Williams was the overall winner from YR 2, with her beautifully bright picture of flying kites.


PLATT Centre Visit

At St Mary’s we are very proud to have great links with our local community and on Tuesday the 19th of May the Art Exhibition Winners from each year group were delighted to visit the PLATT centre. The children took it in turns to show their canvasses and talk about their art work. I also held an intergenerational art workshop in which the children and members drew portraits of each other. The main aim of the art activity was to create an opportunity in which the members and the children felt confident to share their skills and knowledge whilst exploring the art materials available. As a thank you the PLATT Centre treated us to juice and biscuits whilst we watched and discussed the power point displaying all the exhibition canvasses. We had a fantastic time!


St Mary’s Annual Art Exhibition 2014

This summer on Saturday 17th May we had a very special and successful Art Event at school, which included the Amazing Animals Art Exhibition, a local art gallery treat trail, free inspiring art talks, slide show of the children’s art throughout the year & animal themed cake competition, plus refreshments for sale.

Amazing Animals Art Exhibition

Every child in the school had their artwork professionally displayed in the school Hall, which was open to the public to view. Children put all their creative efforts into these canvases, in their art lessons and carefully thought about colour and composition. The paintings were then available to buy for parents at £5 each, which was a bargain for such master pieces!



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